Sunday, February 01, 2009

Too Late My Love, Too Late

Too Late My Love, Too Late

You know you left me dreaming on the boreen by the bog,
my mind was neither here nor there enveloped by the fog.
It was still early in the morning when you said goodbye,
and I sat all alone in a fog and a mist, I just had to cry.

You too had tears welling in your eyes, as you turned and ran away.
my calls through the mist went unanswered, on that dreadful day.
I pulled myself together at the thought of never seeing you again,
I just had to make you understand before you took that train.

I took off my boots and left them, running barefoot along the way,
hoping to get one last chance, to ask my love to stay.
I could hear the train’s shrill whistle, as it pulled into the station,
I was just a hop and step away, blistered feet caused my hesitation.

The engine revved up and the train doors slammed quite loud,
as I reached the platform, I began pushing through the crowd.
I reached the end of the station and I knelt down on the ground,
looking at every window for a familiar face or sound.

Too late my love too late, the train was on the its way
down to Limerick then on to Shannon Airport and America
I could feel the hurt, I heard myself cry and I wanted her to be my wife,
I looked a mess and I must confess, I knew this was the end of my life.

Suddenly, on the very last car I saw you through the window pane,
I threw up my arms and touched my heart praying to stop that train.
Too late my love, too late, I am only talking to the tracks,
you had to go, I had to stay and we were falling through one of life’s cracks.

The train blew its last signal as it had now cleared the railway station
I hit the corner of the ticket window and cut my hand in frustration.
You were no longer in sight and we were drifting further apart
you had to go and you will never know, about my broken heart.

Michael Christopher Daly
Jan 23rd, 2009